The Beautiful Stuff Project is a creative reuse center offering free and low cost materials to public schools, childcare centers, and community agencies in Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston; and the children and families they serve. Our unique inventory is collected from the excess and scrap of local manufacturers, stores, and artists. Instead of ending up in the trash, we inspire teachers, childcare workers, clinicians, parents, and kids to use our materials for educational, creative, and therapeutic purposes — and just plain fun!

The Beautiful Stuff Project is staffed to provide our target populations with drop in consult and support, as well as scheduled workshops and open studio time.

Located in the heart of East Somerville, The Beautiful Stuff Project has a special interest in welcoming the children and families in our neighborhood. Stop by during our open hours and get creative.

Open hours:

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 12-6pm

511 Medford Street, Somerville 02145



For more information check out our Facebook page at: The Beautiful Stuff Project